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“Mister (or Ms.) Anonymous” strikes again: hiding behind fake names on the Internet



I spend a fair amount of time (way too much, if you ask Tracy) scouring the wild and wacky world of the Internet for fun and not a whole lot of profit. There are a few sites I check on a semi-regular basis, and a few I look at when someone sends me a link.

Over time I have noticed a tendency on many of the sites for a majority of the posters to refuse to reveal anything even remotely resembling their real names.

This is true whether it be political websites, or even one as tame as the SYFY site, where folks like “Death Star 98"or “Klingon Commander Kathmandu” may be ready at any point to pounce upon those who might dare disagree withy their pronouncements on their particular views.

I’m not sure why they feel the need to use fake names, unless they promised Mom and Dad that they wouldn’t be spending too much time on the computer anymore, and feel the need to travel incognito.

Of course the sexual sites would require some sort of imaginative nom de plume - or so I’ve heard. No real-world experience there - honest, Tracy.

But it’s the political sites that truly interest me, where folks argue the issues of the day - in particular, local sites, where folks post their opinions. Of course, one has a variety of blogs in which various unnamed folks battle mightily against the forces of darkness. And after their blogs come the inevitable comment section, where “Mister (or Ms.) Anonymous” will often battle it out.

In their excitement, some will even often fail to think up a fake name. All well and good, I suppose. Some have jobs in which their employment might be threatened - or so the argument goes - should their true identify be revealed.

Folks tend to pay more attention to folks - especially those who post comments - who use their real names.

But there is one sort of anonymous poster who deserves no respect whatsoever, and that is the city employee who takes it upon themselves to launch vitriolic attacks upon anyone who has the temerity (or bad taste?) to question city policies, or elected officials.

One can always tell which are the civilians and which are the city hacks by the amount of inside information they display in their postings - or by the sheer venom by which they attack individuals who criticize the city.

Since around 2000 there have been numerous instances of postings that many folks felt originated with either city employees or those close to them - say, by marriage.

There should be a simple rule of thumb with such postings, and it should come from the top:

If a city employee posts messages on any website that is in reference to any criticism of any city decision or policy, or attacks political activists in the community, the poster should use their real name - whether they are posting while on the job or not.

And they probably shouldn’t be posting during the working day anyway, unless it is part of their job description.


Quote of the Day

Politics is high school with guns and more money. - Frank Zappa


Don’t poop in the subway, baby - getting to the bottom of recent U of A vandalism

Sorry, Petula Clark, I just couldn’t help my myself.

I love a good title, whether it be on a blog (way too many blogs have titles that are boring as hell), TV episode, novels or newspaper editorials. So it was with great joy that I picked up a copy of The Arkansas Traveler last week and read Bailey Elise McBride’s editorial, “Stop Pooping in Mop Buckets.”

Yeah, it’s pretty sleazy, and really just the tip of the iceberg of the some of the havoc being created by some of the newly arrived freshmen (at least it is assumed that it is freshmen) in this years’s crop of students.

Broken windows, stolen U of A vehicles, newspapers strewn across the grounds - just to name a few college memories being formed.

As much fun as it was to write the heading for this part of my blog - and it was a lot of fun - there is just something these dimwits haven’t taken into account:

Going to college isn’t a prison sentence. It’s still a dream that many will fail to achieve. And when these poop-for-brains are working at used car lots and or at KFC, maybe they will look back on their youthful indiscretions (in some cases donwright stupidity) and think, “Gee, maybe I should have used a toilet.”


Way to go, Petula Clark!

Ah, Petula Clark - long the object of my teenage crushes - who knew that you were also gutsy enough to stand up to those who would whimper and cringe before the forces of bigotry? This is from the Wiki entry on Ms. Clark.

Petula Clark, you are so cool!

1968, NBC-TV invited Clark to host her own special in the U.S., and in doing so she inadvertently made television history. While singing a duet of "On the Path of Glory," an anti-war song that she had composed, with guest Harry Belafonte, she touched his arm, to the dismay of a representative from the Chrysler Corp., the show's sponsor, who feared that the moment would incur the racist bigotry of Southern viewers. When he insisted that they substitute a different take, with Clark and Belafonte standing well away from one another, Clark and her husband Wolff the producer of the show refused, destroyed all other takes of the song and delivered the finished program to NBC with the touch intact. The program aired on April 8, 1968, with high ratings and critical acclaim.


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