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My secret desire: I want to see Sarah Palin as a contestant on Jeopardy


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One of my occasional afternoon pleasures is Jeopardy, and I shout out the few correct answers I know with all the gusto of one of the Three Tenors attacking a particularly challenging aria.

Lately, though, I have been consumed with a dark fantasy:

I want to see Sarah Palin as a contestant on Jeopardy.

I realize that many of my conservative friends have their own Sarah Palin fantasies, some of which I have been forced to listen to, but mine is a little more wholesome, though albeit amusingly cruel at the same time. Yes, I want to see the biggest whiner the GOP has brought forth in years as a contestant on my favorite game show.

For the past couple of years she (and the orcs who still believe that she has what it takes to run this country) have been continually whining about the "gotcha" questions that the media asked her during the 2008 campaign.

For a politician, a "gotcha" question is any question they should have an answer for, and don't. Then they whine - and whine - and whine - about the evil media.

Well, Alex Trebek could give the Gorilla from Wassilla a way to redeem herself. She could dazzle the people of America with her knowledge of subjects ranging from the Founding Fathers to Elizabethan eroticism to the Civil War to a whole range of other subjects.

America will fall in love with her all over again. I am so ready. Are you?

Okay, yeah, I just want to hear her whine about the questions on Jeopardy.


It worked for Betty White, why not for Sarah Palin?

I've been trying to get a Facebook page set up for this, but I've been too inept. If anyone else wants to beat me to the punch, that's perfectly okay with me.


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