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Blanche Lambert Lincoln’s Sour Tasting Victory



If there is one thing that Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln is more than aware of this week, it is that an awful lot of Arkansans don’t care for her brand of politics. And that is really putting it mildly. Now she has to convince the Bill Halter voters that they should vote for her, come November.

Which will be a pretty neat trick, actually, since the brief flashes we saw of “Lincoln the Liberal" over the past month or so will rarely if ever be on display as she faces GOP party hack John Boozman this November. In order to appeal to conservative voters, she will no doubt be highlighting her conservative Bona Fides.

Lincoln supporters will be going, “What? What? We don’t understand!” Yeah, well, they should probably look in the dictionary under “Snookered.”

Both Lincoln and Bill Clinton (who probably shouldn’t be accepting any Labor Day speaking engagements any time soon) would have the world believe that "outside forces" you know, folks like organized labor came to Arkansas and used their Jedi Mind Tricks on folks to make them vote for Bill Halter.

This totally disregards the fact that so many in Arkansas are upset to the point of real anger with Senator Lincoln. A lot of them may sit out the election in November; the very real feeling among many is that there is no actual difference between Lincoln and Boozman.

And a lot of Halter supporters in Northwest Arkansas will be taking a serious look at John Gray of the Green Party. These are folks that Lincoln has no way of reaching.

She has no way to speak their language. That much, at least, she has just learned.



Quote of the Day

My luck is so bad that if I bought a cemetery, people would stop dying. - Rodney Dangerfield


Fahrenheit 451

A few years ago Mel Gibson wanted to remake the classic science fiction film, Fahrenheit 451, only with more action and comedy. No, I’m not kidding.

As we march bravely into the 21st Century, we find ourselves surrounded by virtual book burners maybe not actually consigning books to flames (though in the case of Harry Potter they have) but boycotting them, and trying to have them removed from libraries.

We’re not so far removed from the world of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, in which “firemen” actually burn books. This should be on the must read list for everybody.


Riddled with Unspeakable Viruses!

Not me, but my damn computer, hence the fact that this blog, which I essentially wrote Tuesday night, could not be posted till today. Blog postings will be limited till things are back to normal.

Oh, the humanity!

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