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K2: The question the press never seems interested in asking



In all of the breathless reporting on TV - K2 might be in YOUR Town!- the past few weeks, there has been one question that our stalwart local journalists never seem to get around to asking the store owners who offer the substance:

“Given the fact that news reports and indignant watchdogs of public morality have given K2 a much higher profile lately, have your sales gone up? How are they now, as compared to before we began acting like this was a worse threat than the Nazi menace?”

No, wild-eyed reader, we haven’t seen or heard that question. Instead we have seen the moral  equivalent of the Martian in the Farmhouse - people waving their arms around, panicking at the very mention of the name, proposing penalties for possession that even outweigh that for possession of marijuana.

That the reporting has been lazy and one-sided is pretty obvious. There are plenty of sources out there talking about K2, and the overreaction to it, but we won’t see any mention of it in local reporting.

The truth is that most people hadn’t even heard of K2 before the professional panic-mongers went to work. You gotta wonder how much of a market they have created for the substance by their Chicken Little performances.


Quote of the Day

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. -  Mark Twain


Man of the People

I’m a sucker for political autobiographies, and Man of the House: The Life and Political Memoirs of Speaker Tip O’Neill, by O’Neill (and William Novak) is one of the best. It covers his early days in Boston, his rise in Congress, JFK, the Vietnam War, and the Reagan years.

It’s sharp-witted and pulls no punches. Out of print, but hey, that’s why they made used bookstores and the Internet.


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