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Sarah Palin finally defines “Obama is telling people to just shut up and get out of the way”



It was sort of like watching a slow-moving car wreck involving people that you really don’t care for: I really couldn’t pull my eyes away from the screen last week when FOX News sycophant Chris Wallace was “grilling” Sarah Palin on a variety of subjects, and the familiar refrain of “Obama is just telling folks to shut up and get out of the way line that we have heard so much of in the past year came up yet again.

There have been references to it on talk radio (always the most rational place for political discussion), FOX News (a close second) and various panicky emails from folks who seem terrified that folks are going to drive up to their house in a Black Maria and take away to a Gulag, simply for writing a letter to the editor.

When pressed her her definition, the Temp Service Governor whined that Obama was always lecturing to people.



This is it?

The age-old whine of the kids who didn’t turn in their homework on time? The ones who complained that the bullies in the Chess Club were stealing their lunch money?

Okay . . .


Quote of the Day - Was a C.A.T. Board member really urging the rest of the board to ignore FOIA requests?

I - along with a number of others - have sent a number of FOIA requests to the C.A.T. Board lately, which has upset some of the Old Guard.  After all, they only need to answer questions from newspapers, don’t you know, and they aren’t going to be so rude as to ask the questions that the C.A.T. producers are asking. Finally, this weekend, one board member seemed to have reached the breaking point, and fired off this email to the rest of the board:

It seems to me that Mr. Drake's motives are questionable at best given his contentious and blatantly hostile attitude toward the Board of Directors and specific members. I urge members of the Board of Directors to limit communication with Mr. Drake to the monthly Board meeting and to bypass the emotional blatherings by email.

Both the community and Mr. Drake would be far better served if we conduct these "discussions" in public where Mr. Drake can issue his insults just as freely and with the added attraction of a viewing audience. I would also risk the assumption that a constructive dialogue between Mr. Drake and the Board of Directors might be within the realm of possibility assuming Mr. Drake would like to share his thoughts with the Board personally and publicly rather than digitally. I'm sure Mr. Drake's most excellent attorney would agree. 

Peace...Out - Bruce Perry


Well, I’ll see your stonewalling and raise you this:

I sent the following invitation to the board president. Because I can’t wait forever, I let her know that I needed to know by 6pm on Tuesday evening.

No reply as yet. I’m still holding my breath . . .

While I don't think it an especially good idea for the C.A.T. Board to consider ignoring FOIA requests - the legal costs to an organization can be pretty high, and build up every day they are not met in a timely manner - I'll make a more interesting offer than my appearing at a C.A.T. Board meeting.

There is an opening on my interview program this Thursday morning (11am), taped at Community Access Television. President Dedra Leaf is invited to appear as my guest, and I can simply ask her all of my questions there, in a simple, comfortable one-on-one interview format.

This won't take up valuable board time, and Pres. Leaf can report back to the board about the interview, which will run about two weeks after it is taped.

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