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C.A.T. Board Follies: Gang of Three wins the day, station loses popular manager



Watching the Gang of Three and their Two Enablers at the C.A.T. Board meeting tonight, it was impossible to miss the fact that they were incredibly desperate not to go into executive session, so the new board members could be brought up to speed on the matter of Sky Blaylock’s pending resignation, and all of the facts surrounding the situation.

Faced with the option of going into executive session so that new board members could be more informed, or acting on the resignation immediately, one of the gang sprang into action before anyone had a chance to open their mouths, and offered a motion that Blaylock’s resignation be accepted.

Because the Old Guard effectively deprived the new board members of vital information they would need in order to make an informed vote on whether or not to accept her resignation, several had no choice but to abstain.

Not surprisingly, the decision was made to accept the manager’s resignation.

She won’t work with us, was the whine from the Gang of Three. And we work so damn hard! No, disbelieving reader, you haven’t slipped into an alternate universe, but it seems obvious that they have, if they think they have been working harder than Sky Blaylock.

I wonder if they think it’s over now.

No more FOIA requests.

No more programs on C.A.T. critical of a board which is out-of-touch with reality, and seems consumed with pettiness.

No more critical blogs, or essays on Facebook.

For the past few months the mantra from the board has been that its critics are “misguided and misinformed,” and at least one board member has indicated that Sky Blaylock has been directing the actions against them. To say that this is silly beyond words is, well - silly beyond words.

Those who have looking for the truth behind the smoke and mirrors have been around public access for a long time, and are intelligent men and women. They will be around long after the Gang of Three have finished padding their resumes and  done whatever damage they can do, toddling off to whatever other organization will accept them.


Happy 30th Anniversary!

In the meantime, public access celebrates 30 years on the air in Fayetteville this year. So far, the board has been totally oblivious to that fact. Just as well, I suppose. God only knows the mess they’d produce.

Of course, now begins the manager search. A truly competent manager search takes a couple of months. Which means that the Gang of Three probably already has someone picked out.

Well, public access in Fayetteville has survived worse than them.


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