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More Sick Days for Washington County Employees? The right thing to do



Even though, as the Northwest Arkansas Times puts it, the effort to double the number of sick days for Washington County employees from six to 12 may involve “spirited debate,” it is an argument well-worth having.

True, most workers in the private sector don’t get any sick days (which actually is a sort of crime against humanity in itself) but this is the sort of progressive thinking that we don’t see a lot of these days. In most private sector jobs you are expected to drag your sorry butt to work, and maybe infect everyone there with whatever malady you may be suffering from. And you’ll be even sicker from going to to work, instead of staying at home, resting.

Maybe if you go to the doctor you can get an excused absence (wow, just like in school!) but you’ll still lose a day’s pay.

Once the debate begins, we’ll hear the old Simon Legree slur about how workers will “abuse” their sick days.

Two Republican members of the Washington County Personnel Committee say they will not vote for the measure when it gets to the full court. No doubt the local Tea Party folks - who speak for all real Americans, don’t you know - will be there in force.


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