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C.A.T. Board still stuck in era of two tin cans and a string?



It’s sort of fascinating to note that as even as the most vociferous critics of the current board of Community Access Television (not critics of C.A.T. itself, just critics of a board which is seen as arrogant and out of touch with the organization) are using Facebook, blogs, Internet listservs and even the channel itself to put their case forward, the board seems to be floundering around, totally at a loss as to how to put its best foot forward.

Let’s see, they are the board of directors of a public access station, and none of them have even thought of appearing on the channel to say, “Hey, we’re not the inept, arrogant devils we’re being portrayed as. And here’s why . . .”

There are a number of interview programs, the famous Short Takes series in which anyone can come down and speak for up to five mubutes on any topic they want, or they can even produce their own program. One of the board members even  has a regular series on C.A.T.; you’d think that somebody, at some point, would have thought of it.

If defending themselves is beneath them, they have something even more important to talk about, at any rate.

April 1 marks the 30th anniversary of public access television in Fayeteille. Everyone is watching C.A.T., and wondering just what sort of celebration they have planned for the community. This is the sort of fund-raising/publicity event that doesn’t come around very often, especially with so many access stations losing their funding across the country. At the 20 year bash, Bob Losure of CNN’s Headline News was the Keynote Speaker. No one knows who the current C.A.T. Board is working on bringing in, but now is the time to start telling us.

That folks in Fayetteville are still so passionate about public access after 30 is a tribute to all the staffs and producers who have worked to put on the programming that so many people have enjoyed over the years.

But instead of communicating with the people of Fayetteville, most of the energy of the current board has been spent in protecting its turf, and making sure that the board members who have been most criticized can stay on the board for several more years, drawing lines in the sand between themselves and the rank and file who actually do the work at the station, the staff and producers.


Quote of the Day

I constantly find myself driving in the road down here, and everywhere in the road there are people wanting to be picked up. My inclination is to pass them by. I want to remain sunk in my own thoughts. I have to force myself to make each new contact, but every time I do there is a kind of reward. - Sherwood Anderson


No, not today

I learned two weeks ago that I have an old  friend who is dying in a hospital in Kansas. Over  Christmas I sent a card to the nursing home (he’s only 47, for god’s sake!) that he was confined to for several years. It came back Saturday, with the note:

Moved. Return to Sender.

Geez, the cheap bastards at the nursing home couldn’t even send  it along it to his family?

I stood over the trash with the card in my hand, but couldn’t toss it in. I know that I wouldn’t be hastening his death by disposing of the card, but still . . .

I lay it back down on the table.


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