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Unwanted scrutiny on C.A.T. Board?



Fayetteville’s Telecomm Advisory Board will be holding  a special meeting on February 3 at 6pm in Room 219 of City Hall to discuss complaints that have come up regarding the validity of the Board of Directors of Community Access Television.

The announcement from City Hall reads:

All interested parties are invited to attend.

It remains to be seen whether or not anyone from the C.A.T. Board will actually be in attendance. So far, they have been incredibly reluctant to address the issues raised before the TB last week. The C.A.T. producers who took their case to the TB only did so out of a sense of frustration, not out of any vindictiveness  towards C.A.T.

Oddly, the C.A.T. Board president was there for part of the meeting - to keep a close eye on the C.A.T. Manager, perhaps, and make sure she didn’t say anything mean about the C.A.T. Board? She left after Sky Blaylock gave her report, even though it was obvious that there were several C.A.T. producers still in attendance.

If she had stayed, perhaps she could have headed this off if she had simply been able to figure out that they weren’t there for their health, and concluded that Community Access Television may well have come up for discussion at some point later in the evening.

As James T. Kirk says to Leonard McCoy in The Search for Spock, “That’s what you get for missing staff meetings, Doctor.”

The public access community in Fayetteville has always been one of the most forgiving and cooperative that it has ever been my good fortune to work with. One thing they aren’t so willing to forgive - especially on the part of management (be it staff or board of directors) is hubris.

I hope the board can pull itself back from the precipice before it does the organization lasting harm.


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Good News on the C.A.T. Library Front

The City of Fayetteville actually is committed to preserving the video library at C.A.T., and making sure that it is accessible to the general public.


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Local Writer C.F. Roberts does indeed have an essay (a damn good one, too) in the book, The Worst Book I Ever Read, but it is in the Unbearables series, not the Undesirables. Sheesh.



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