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C.A.T. Board: New members considering resigning after less than 24 hours on board



Less than 24 hours (actually, barely more than 12 hours) after being accepted onto the board of directors of  Fayetteville’s Community Access Television, two of the most recent board members are already reconsidering their decision,  after witnessing  the open hostility that existed between some of the older board members and C.A.T. producers.

They may stay until February, when new members are selected, but it may require a diplomatic miracle to get them to stay on after that.

The hostile board members, of course, will look in the mirror and see no fault in their own actions. Instead, they will no doubt place the blame on the C.A.T. producers who have been hitting the board with complaints and Freedom of Information Act requests, trying to get at the bottom of recent bizarre actions of the part of certain board members.


Quote of the Day

 I never would have agreed to the formulation of the CIA back in ’47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo. — Harry S Truman (1961)


Greg Leding: What Sustains Me

Life in the 21st Century can be pretty hard. What sustains you, as you go through life? What keeps you going through your life of activism, or creativity, or just plain struggling to make ends meet? Spirituality? Music? Art? The love of family and friends? Maybe several, or even none of these reasons. Maybe what sustains YOU might give can idea to someone else.

Today we present Greg Leding, who  is running to represent District 92 in the Arkansas House of Representatives. A graduate of the University of Arkansas, he works for Fayetteville Public Schools and is active in the community.

Running. More than anything else, the simple act of running sustains me. It's a terrific time to focus, reflect, organize, and clear my head.

Admittedly, I ran far more in college and the years immediately after, but I'm working on reaching those levels once again. There's a terrific energy and sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a good run, and it's great for your health, stamina, confidence--really, I can't think of anything that's worse with running, so long as you equip yourself and prepare properly so as to avoid injury. (That's something to which I gave little consideration in college: properly preparing. Running eighteen miles--and recovering--is much easier when you're nineteen.)

My goal this year is to complete three marathons. I've not run a marathon since October 2001, when I ran Chicago for a third time (my ninth marathon overall). Ultimately I hope someday to compete in the Badwater Ultramarathon, a 135-mile race from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney. I've miles to go before I'm ready for that, though.


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