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2020 Olympics for Northwest Arkansas?



Kabin Thomas, one of the best known former members of the UA music faculty, has written an interesting letter to Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan, in which he proposes that Northwest Arkansas seriously  make a bid for the 2020 Olympic Games.  Personally, I think it makes a whole more sense than the recent suggestion coming from Oklahoma way that Tulsa host the Olympics.

Mr. Mayor, I hope you are well, sir.

I respectfully ask that you truly and prayerfully ponder this posit I am sending you.

What are your thoughts about NWA bidding for the 2020 Olympics?

You could do it exactly the same way as Los Angeles did '84 and Atlanta did '96. You could convince the UA campus to close for the summer and pay them their lost revenues EASILY and use most of their facilities, dorms, etc to house athletes and host the events. Wal*Mart could be a MAJOR sponsor and the exposure would do nothing but provide good will for that company. XNA could become an international airport. It can already handle 747s. It would have to become a 24 hour airport, but who cares?!

Fayetteville/Rogers/Bentonville/Fort Smith could actually handle this! NWA could pull this off and make a tremendous statement that it is a world class area. It could happen on your watch, sir. Think about it.

I estimate it will cost about 1 billion dollars to make this happen. (As opposed to the 10 billion it is going to cost London.) I bet NWA gets 5 - 6 billion back, plus some world class facility upgrades. And think about the pride to say ARKANSAS hosted an Olympics!

What do you see as the drawbacks?

I look forward to your thoughts.

I wish you a great 2010.




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