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The lunacy of the racial/religious profilers



I was watching NCIS this last week, and enjoying the performance (okay, I really wasn’t, but just go with me on this, okay?) of the Israeli actress who plays the part of former Mossad officer Ziva David.

What? She’s not Israeli? Well, maybe some other part of the Middle East, then, surely.

Oh - the part of known as Chile. Well, born in Chile but raised in Miami.  Well, given how much people know about geography these days, I guess the mistake is understandable.

This is hardly the first time someone from Latin America has played a character  from the Middle East on television or movies, all to the general obliviousness  of the viewing audience. Remember Ricardo Montalban?

Michael Ansara?

Anthony Quinn?

Thanks to the willing suspension to disbelief, for decades we have enjoyed the performances of men and women who have portayed characters who hail from the Middle East, Yet now we have lame-brained commentators and politicians trying to say that we should be profiling folks who look like they come form the Middle East, or have them real funny last names.

Richard Reid?

Yeah, there’s a real funny sounding name.

Al Qaeda really doesn’t have to let off any bombs; they can watch us further bankrupt ourselves as we search for the perfect security solution.


Quote of the Day

"Superstition always directs action in the absence of knowledge." - Isaac Asimov, Foundation and Earth


If the War on Christmas turns into a War on Christianity, will “Gird your Loins” replace “Fair and Balanced”?

Now that Brit Hume has been doing is best this week to keep the Culture Wars alive at Fox News with his views that Tiger Woods should convert to Christianity so that he might find redemption and forgiveness (like so many GOP office holders have after their various infidelities, I suppose), the Internet is alive with defense of his idiotic remarks.

I’m wondering if this might be a new money-making strategy on the part of Fox News. There is lots of money to be made (and Fox has made some) in the stoking of the paranoid every year. But just imagine the profits if they could keep this up all year round?

T-shirts. Bumper stickers, hats, mouse pads - the list is endless.

After all, their target audience are folks who are convinced that giant corporations are looking out for their bext interests.

Piece of cake.


Art Hobson - What Sustains Me

Life in the 21st Century can be pretty hard. What sustains you, as you go through life? What keeps you going through your life of activism, or creativity, or just plain struggling to make ends meet? Spirituality? Music? Art? The love of family and friends? Maybe what sustains YOU might give can idea to someone else. Today we present Art Hobson, who  is a local resident and retired physics professor. He is the author of "Physics: Concepts and Connections," a science literacy textbook for non-science college students, now in its fifth edition. He writes a column for the Northwest Arkansas Times.

What sustains me is the knowledge (from experience) that life is great fun, and the knowledge that life is finite. In fact, for me at 75, it's getting rather limited. So I want to get as much joy and satisfaction out of it as possible. Life is a great, free, gift. We should use it to the max.

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