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Fayetteville needs its own Kennedy Center-type Honors


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I have been thinking about Fayetteville, and about the atmosphere here that has produced so many gifted and talented people. Is it something in the water? The fact that this community openly nurtures the arts? The ley lines that no one talks about anymore?

Well, for whatever reasons, Fayetteville produces more talented people per square foot than any other community in Northwest Arkansas. Would I lie about a thing like that?

I have also been thinking for sometime that what we need in town is something akin to the Kennedy Center Honors, where people are honored for their contributions to American culture. Just imagine - we could hold it at the Walton Art Center revery year, and pattern them after the Kennedy Awards themselves - or whatever version we wanted to do ourselves.

We could honor folks from Northwest Arkansas from the past and present, no matter their station in life. If we started now, imagine the gala event that could be held at the end of 2010.

If anyone does this, if should be Fayetteville. If the Walton crowd up in Bentonville think of the idea, just imagine how pretentious it might turn out to be.



Quote of the Day

The difference between a laugh and no laugh is often a single syllable. You remember the “Where’s the beef” campaign? Initially, it was “Where’s all the beef?” But the director took out “all” and without [him doing] that, it probably wouldn’t have been as effective. - Joe Bolster, comedian


I’m assuming that Bob Caudle was making a joke

Bob Caudle at the newly revamped Northwest Arkansas Times came out with his 2009 Jackass of the Year Awards today.  Under the Houston Nutt heading, he wrote:

Forget it? It’s over? Nothing is over until WE say it’s over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No. And it’s not over now. Nutt leaving for Mississippi raised the cumulative IQ in both states.

Okay. Sure, Bob. Not sure it raised the raised the IQ at the NWA Times, if both you and the proofreader actually think the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

Silly Bob

Cat Donnelly: What Sustains Me

Life in the 21st Century can be pretty hard. What sustains you, as you go through life? What keeps you going through your life of activism, or creativity, or just plain struggling to make ends meet?

Spirituality? Music? Art? The love of family and friends? Maybe several, or even none of these reasons. Today Cat Donnelly gives us her thoughts on the subject. She  is a non-traditional student of English/Creative Writing at the University of Arkansas. She has been a regular contributor to many local papers and lives with her husband and sons on 4 acres in Durham, Arkansas.

I've reached a time in my life (47) where I'm doing a lot of introspection. A lot of times, we change our personalities bit by bit to fit into a relationship better, to do well in a job, etc. Sometimes it can get so bad, that you have to step back and remember what it is that actually makes you happy.

If you're lucky, you can figure it out and recapture it. For me, I've decided that I love to travel and so I try to do that, even with short trips, as much as I can arrange it. I love the outdoors so I never pass up an opportunity to do something like a hike or something of that nature. I will also bring the "outdoors" in by placing a fish bowl and water fountain among the plants in my office cubical. I love my kids and am amazed that they're still interested in doing things with me, even asking me to play board games with them and their teenage friends. I do love music and hang around with poets and musicians as much as possible. I want to teach myself guitar somehow, and maybe now that I am reminded of that, I'll try to do that over the Christmas break a little bit. I love color and like to color my hair and surround myself with colorful things.

And yeah, friends are definitely one of my elixirs. I feed off of their positive energy, creativity and humor. There's just something magical when we get together. It's a tonic like no other.


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