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Where would local news be without Wal-Mart press releases?



Watching a local anchor gush breathlessly over some toy that Wally World is offering (and folks had better there there early!) I wondered - not for the first, and probably not for the last time - just how some local news programs even survive without corporate press releases, and the accompanying videos that come with them?

That they are effectively shills for these companies doesn’t seem to bother them a whit, as they excitedly  tell us of even the most minor “achievement” at Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods or any of the other corporations that make the economy grow in our area.

You know, just a little bit of intellectual discernment might come in handy at times like this. Is the press release about something actually important, something that will affect the lives of people living in Northwest Arkansas?

Press releases about toys? This is news? And telling us we need to get there early, so we can be sure to get one?


Between the press releases and repeating what the morning newspaper has already told us, one wonders what some news departments actually do during the day.


Quote of the Day

Civil War? What does that mean? Is there any foreign war? Isn’t every war fought between men, between brothers? - Victor Hugo


Educated Women? Head ‘em off at the pass, boys!

The boys at the Family Research Council have come up with an intriguing idea on how to keep those pesky educated women (and who  are so threatening to guys  like the FRC (and they are, primarily, men) out of the workforce. “Encourage” them to have babies. These babies would then be could for eligible for paying off part of  one’s student loan. According to Allan Carlson, of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society:

“ . . . up to $5,000 per baby born, or one-quarter of each parents’’ outstanding loan balances, to reduce the financial burden he claims is preventing debt-laden young married couples from starting families……adoptions would also qualify, but like births, would be capped at a maximum of four children —— twice the current average birth rate for U.S. women. That could net recent graduates $40,000 in total loan forgiveness from the federal government.”

Yeah, boys, turn your wives into debt-reducing brood mares.


This from the same genial lunatics who oppose federal programs to help families, or expanded leave, or any of a hundred other genuine ways to help the American family.

In the same address, Carlson whines about:

“ . . .the ‘growing obstacle to marriage and children’ as a manifestation of more women attending college and insisting on marrying men with equal post-secondary education achievement.”

Yeah, can’t have that. Smart women, expecting the men in their lives to as smart as they are. We’ll show them!


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