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No, Alderman, I’m not sure you really do care


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I don’t usually - not ever, actually  - respond to anyone who leaves a note on my blog. For one thing, I’m just so  grateful that they read the damn thing. And for another, it just seems sort of churlish to respond, even if I vehemently disagree on the rare occasions that someone posts a comment. 

But I’m going to break my own rule today, just this once.

Last week I wrote a piece about those who were concerned about preserving the “character” of Fayetteville, and suggested that there were other causes they might take up.

One thing that I care very much about are the living conditions in which many people find themselves in - right here in Northwest Arkansas. There are those who may turn a blind eye to it, but there are those who, through no fault of their own, are living in horrific conditions.

I have written about children playing about water pipes, human excrement present.

I have gone into some of the infamous rent-by-the-week trailer parks in Fayetteville, and, pretending to be looking for a place to live, been shown places to live that might well knock the socks off many who could not imagine that people live like that.

The response of one Fayetteville alderman to my suggestion?

Well, Fayetteville is not known for its “rental slums”; they don’t make up part of our much-vaunted “character,” I suppose.

My first response was:

What a putz.

Fayetteville is far from the only community is Northwest Arkansas that sort of turns a blind-eye to this situation, and most city council members in our surrounding cities have also largely remained silent on the problem. But for an alderman who prides himself on being liberal?

I have been assured that the alderman in question does, indeed, care about such issues. But you know what? Unless and until he actually does speak out, I just don’t believe it.

Because whether you want to admit it or not, these "rental slums"   - and how we deal (or don't deal) with them - do, indeed, make up part of our character.

You wanna go on a tour, alderman? I’ll take you  into the heart of darkness, right here in our own city . . .


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