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What if TV stations just decided to ignore Black Friday? Yeah, right . . .



There are certain times out out of the year when watching television news is just pointless. They become seasonal or promotional programs. This time of year is probably the worst.

Endless footage of soup kitchens, returning vets, and shoppers getting ready for Christmas. Today, of course, is “Black Friday” - one of the best excuses ever for television news (both national and local) not to cover any real news.

Instead we’ll get the traditional scenes of people madly hurling themselves down store aisles, and TV anchors talking about prices.

More than a few stations have been little more than shills for store chains, mentioning the deals a customer can get on specific items.

I realize that advertising dollars may drive some of this coverage, but hopefully some of our television journalists also feel that way too much attention is being paid to this particular day.

Not that they’ll say it on air.


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Cat Donnelly - the worst movie I ever saw

Continuing our ongoing series of “What is the worst book I’ve ever ever read, or the worst movie I’ve ever seen” questions. I like to think this is a real public service. Today we present Cat Donnelly, who is  a writer-on-the-fly who lives in NW Arkansas on 4 acres with her family, 30 chickens, a pug and a funny goat named Dingus.

could not stay awake long enough to watch, Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, but I know other people loved it so I won't comment on that one. What I hated even more was Spanglish.

While it was horrifying to watch two people's relationship deteriorate beyond belief and the Tea Leone character abuse her Hispanic housekeeper, the ending was ridiculous! It was like, okay, we ran out of money, they pulled the plug on us and so this is where we're going to stick the credits. I felt cheated.

I already knew I wasn't going to like the movie, but I have an insane desire to see all movies through to the end. Occasionally, a movie that starts out badly will redeem itself.

Occasionally, there is a shift and you can discuss how the beginning and the end of the movie were subtly different, or how you would have written the ending. At least it will give you something to discuss with people. But Spanglish? It had zero percent redeeming quality value. None. Zip. That was a couple of hours I could have spent doing more important things, like curling my eye lashes, taking a cat nap, or learning how to play guitar. Instead, I watched a stupid, boring movie. I'll never get that time back.


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