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The American Taliban and their “Prayer for Obama”



The frantic fringe of the right  has been salivating over the killings at Fort Hood. "This is what we get for political correctness!”is the rather ungainly battle cry heard on TV, websites and Facebook.

Cuz, dude, Christians, expecially American Christians, would never behave in such a way. Well, true, sane American Christians would never behave in such a way. But like many a social movement before it, there are growing signs that mentally unbalanced people with their own deeply unbalanced agendas are using Christianity as a cover for  their own violent tendencies.

The latest grotesque vision to come from the minds of the disturbed right is the new “Prayer for Obama: Psalm 109:8" which can be found on many bumper stickers, mouse pads, Tee-shirt, hats and probably even coffee cups. It reads, in part:

Let his days be few; and let another take his office

 . . . Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow

These simple-minded buffoons talk and joke - and make a profit! - about the death of the president of the United States, and make references to a coming “American Revolution.” I’ve even had guests on my show who have casually alluded to this.

For these people, this is the height of intellectual discourse. They wave their tattered copy Constitution around, invoke the “Founding Fathers” as though they were using a Ouija  Board to communicate with them, and sneer at everything and everyone who is different from them.

They praise, and raise money for men who gun doctors down in places of worship. They demand that political candidates pay homage to their narrow view of the universe.

And while they mock those in the Muslim world for demonstrating against editorial cartoons, in this country we:

Demand that television series be taken off the air

Demand that films not be produced or shown

Demand that books be banned from libraries

Hold book burnings

Demand to know if those running for office are Christian, and whether they believe in the literal account of the Book of Genesis

Maybe, just as mentally disturbed and violent people are drawn to other social and political movements, we need to ask ourselves whether or not psychotics are drawn to religion not because of religious fervor, but because they sense an outlet for their own violence.

Every time an act of violence of committed is by a Muslim we have pundits and letter writers demanding to know why Muslims of all stripes are not standing on rooftops, denouncing these acts.

Well, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for gander.


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