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Insurance companies - time to take the gloves off?



For months now, whenever many politicians open their mouths, we  often hear the statement, “Insurance executives are not bad people.”  Well, people are people, and I think that we are all willing to give folks the benefit of the doubt - even insurance company executives.

But maybe the time has come to say, “Prove it.”

Like a lot off people, I just shake my head whenever that statement is made; it almost seems that it is some sort of price exacted by the insurance industry for them taking part (even if  only on some farcical level) in the national health care debate.

Maybe it’s time for an aggressive PR assault on the insurance industry. There have been TV ads going after their lackeys (yes, people like you, Blanche Lambert Lincoln) but for the most part, except for the Will Ferrell parody ad, we have been sort of pretending that these companies are actually in this with us.


Maybe we should just assume the attitude - to borrow from Jimmy Carter - of the moral equivalency of war. Because they have, haven’t they?

How many dead or dying have insurance companies  left in their wake, in their climb to the top of the financial markets? The truth is, they have a record that is the envy of any terrorist organization on the planet. 

Maybe it’s time to take the gloves off, because they did, a long time ago.


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Everybody has the right to express what he thinks. That, of course, lets the crackpots in. But if you cannot tell a crackpot when you see one, then you ought to be taken in. - Harry S. Truman


Oh, no! Political corruption in Afghanistan? Say it ain’t so, Hamid!

Gee, I dunno, what were we expecting? Of course, good reporting from Afghanistan has been the rarity, rather than the norm. How many of us cringed when newly elected president Hamid Karzai visited the United states for the first time, and cable reporters waxed eloquently on what a great dresser he was?

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