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Health Care Debate: A Modest Proposal



While watching over the health care debates across the country and in the halls of Congress recently, I have thought more than once that some of these public forums should take place outside of hospital emergency rooms or in the hallways outside of bankruptcy courts.

It might be a whole lot harder for our elected officials to trundle out some of their shopworn cliches when they are face-to-face with the victims of the laws they pass  - or fail to pass - in Washington. Then again, maybe not. They have, after all, been able to ignore polling that indicates that a majority of Americans want the public option (lets get rid of that dorky phrase and choose another, already!) and behave as though the folks at the insurance companies have their fingers on the pulse of American opinion.

Well, they might, but only to cut off the blood flow.

At any rate, the other day I came up with an idea that our folks in Congress might eagerly jump at. I was thinking that - just for the duration of the health care debate - our champions in Congress might put themselves in the shoes of the millions of people in this country who don’t have health care.

Just for the few months it takes to decide this issue, give up any health care coverage at all. But not just for themselves, but for your families as well. Not only that, but limit the amount of ready cash these folks might have to get by on  - equivalent of those who get by on what is known as the “Living Wage.”

Then they could could spend their off-hours (when they aren’t debating health care) in groveling in front of insurance companies, trying to get coverage for their loved ones.

Who knows? Maybe it could be a new reality series for C-Span?


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Night, you are for a man more nourishing than bread and wine. - Charles Peguy, “God Speaks”


The Time Travel Question - Tyrone Rogers

Our last entry in our series of Time Travel questions. Where would you go in time, if you could, what might you change, and the best depiction of time travel in any movie or TV series. Today we present Tyrone Rogers, who is a television producer of independent (Community Access Television, Channel 18) and Fayetteville Government Channel, Channel 16. He is also a  productions. Graduate of the Univ. of Arkansas 2000 and  Sam Houston State Univ. 2000. And a Bruce Campbell fanatic.

I would not time travel to any historic event to change the outcome. I would time travel to witness one. But on the topic using time travel to make changes to the time line I believe the only way to not risk a paradox is to only make minor changes. Restrictions on this would be that you could only travel back in time no more than 3 minutes.

This restriction makes it so you can not stop a major event like 9/11, there would be nothing you could do to stop it.. Now on the other hand you could use it to win at roulette. You could use it for the best pick up lines at a bar.

You could use it for those mistakes in life where you fall down and break something, get slapped, get pulled over for speeding, the list is endless.

You could not however cheat death if you died instantly. If breaking the bank at a casino has major economic factors in the time line your not really gonna see it. You could always give the money back right?

Favorite Time Travel Movie would have to be the Back to the Future 2 because it deals with time lines and how to change them once things get fracked.

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