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When you prostitute your office, Senator, you prostitute the rest of us, as well



Blanche Lambert Lincoln and the ever-stalwart Mike Ross are fighting the Infidels, and defending the Innocent in the great Health Care Battle of 2009. The only thing is, for Lincoln and Ross, the people of Arkansas are the Infidels, and the Innocents they are so desperately fighting to defend are the insurance giants  who have made life a living (and dying) hell for so many families in this country.

One might understand - if not actually forgive - these actions if such bizarre behavior came out of some sense of corporate altruism, fighting for what they truly  think of as the American Way. But the bitter truth is that both Lincoln and Ross, like others in Congress, have sold themselves out to the healthcare industry, even going so far as to quote from the Lewin Group, a sham organization owned by a health care giant, in their pandering speeches and letters opposing reform.

I have felt for a long time that whenever a reporter quotes a member of congress on an issue, they should mention the campaign contributions they have taken from those involved on the matter. It would make for entertaining reading.

Since a majority of those in Arkansas who have been polled favor reform - www.americablog.com/2009/09/solid-majority-of-arkansans-support.html -  many are left with the bitter taste in their mouths that our leaders in Congress have rented themselves out to the highest bidder, and honestly think that we won’t notice.

Well, people have. And when you rent (or sell, actually) your office out, you drag the rest of us along with you.

I’m not sure about Ross, but Lincoln’s career may not survive  - especially if she faces competition not only from the Green Party but also from within the Democratic Party.

What profiteth a member of Congress to gain the whole world, but lose her own constituents?


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