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Explaining Dickson Street



Walking down from Old Main on Friday morning, I looked over the remnants of Dickson Street, and wondered, not for the first time, what newcomers think when folks try to explain why Dickson Street has held such a strong hold on so many people.  Actually, I imagine they get pretty bored a lot of the time.

Some, no doubt, will object to my use of the word “remnants,” particularly those who relentlessly push the Dickson Street as part of Fayetteville’s fondly-imagined “Entertainment District,’ but I think I have chosen the word with some accuracy - especially since so much of what made Dickson so unique has been vigorously scrubbed away.

It’s still a good place to party, and to grab a meal, but it just seems sort of antiseptic these days. And yeah, it may come down to a “my memories are cooler than your memories” sort of thing, but I wonder if even the old ghosts of Dickson still hang around, or if they seek more interesting pastures?

Everyone has their own memories of Dickson Street, and we all recount them to any newcomer unwise enough to be snared by the siren song of our recollections.

I won’t bore you with my long list. I’ll just share my favorite memory of Dickson:

A few decades ago, when snow was more than just a rumour whispered by panicky weathermen, an especially heavy blanket covered Fayetteville, making traffic all but impossible. Walking along Dickson, I happened to see a man riding his horse down the street. Now, that was cool.

I have felt for a long time that they should just change the name of Dickson to something more befitting our new era - Tyson Row, perhaps? Or maybe a name to match the sheer pretentiousness of the names of the new buildings springing up around the area?


Maybe the burgers really weren’t all that good

A lot of folks recall the old burger stand, Mr. Quick, where you could put your own condiments on the burgers. No one seems to remember the burgers, just the fact that you could put your own onions and ketchup on them.

Maybe there’s a reason for that?


Quote of the Day

Mongo only pawn in game of life. - Mongo (Alex Karras), Blazing Saddles


Wow -  that really is a Flash Forward!

I picked up Robert J. Sawyer’s novel, Flashforward, which is the basis for the new ABC series, FlashForward. The jacket cover says, “Inspiration for the Hit ABC TV Series.”

Pretty good, considering the show hasn’t even hit the airwaves yet . . .


On the Air - Mark Warren on Gaming

Local videographer Mark Warren will be my guest this week to discuss the world of gaming.

Warren, who has been involved with gaming for much of his life, will discuss such older, more traditional games as Dungeons and Dragons, and also the world of multi-player online gaming.

In addition to his knowledge of gaming, Mark Warren has made many videos (both for himself and for others) and has taught many in the Northwest Arkansas community in the art of video production.

Show days and times

Monday - Sept. 7 (7pm)
Tuesday - Sept. 8 (noon)
Saturday - Sept. 12(6pm)

C.A.T. is shown on Channel 18 of the Cox Channel line-up in Fayetteville.  

Those outside the Fayetteville viewing area can see the program online at:                                                                            

Programs online are shown in “real time,” meaning that they are shown at the same time as they are shown on C.A.T.


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