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Labor Day? Huh?



Lifetime has been promoting its roster of movies for Labor Day Weekend, and they are all about women having babies. I guess Norma Rae wouldn’t fit on the schedule.

Then again, if we watch TV - or even read newspapers - most of what we get about Labor Day will be about how people spend labor Day, and not about actual working conditions in this country. God forbid local news broadcasts should have the bad taste to talk about working class issues.


Quote of the Day
Knowing exactly how much of the future can be introduced into the present is the secret of a great government. - Victor Hugo

From Tea Party to Arkansas Unite

Laurie Masterson announced today that she’ll be stepping down as chair of the Washington County Tea Party, and will instead concentrate all of her efforts on “unification” within the state of Arkansas, writing that,”I will now focus all my energy with  Arkansas Unite, which is the Coalition of TEA Parties and Organizations across the state that all share the same passion for protecting and defending our Constitutional freedoms and liberties.”

Gee, I dunno. She could have just joined the ACLU, like so many of us have.

Every time I get an announcement from Ms. Masterson I ask her if she has begun using Community Access Television yet (as she said she would) to promote the activities of her group. My answer, each time, is silence.   

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