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About those Gadflies . . .



1: any of various flies (as a horsefly, botfly, or warble fly) that bite or annoy livestock
2 : a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism


My late friend, Leland “Tiny” Hamilton, who some may remember for his short time as a political activist in Washington County, hated it when anyone in the media would refer to him as a “gadfly.”  He felt that the use of such a term was meant to diminish activists in the public eye, to make them seem like people who cause trouble for the sake of doing so, without any legitimate purpose in mind.

That he was labeled a gadfly while he was running for Washington County Judge in the early 1990s made it particularly irksome for him. Gadfly akin to the infamous phrase “aginner” in many people’s minds.

Gadfly is rarely used in a complimentary sense. Why not use the term political activist?

I thought about Tiny yesterday when I read aboutTontitown resident Muck Wagner, who has been stirring things up for a while.


I’m not sure why the word gadfly was used in the article in the NWA Times, but it’s unfortunate, I think. I’m not sure it’s the reporters job to make a judgement of that nature.


Quote of the Day

I am an artist, and should be exempt from shit. - P.J. Proby


Those awful magazines in doctors' waiting rooms

My God, the waiting rooms of doctors' offices are boring places! If the televisions aren't blaring out the poison of Fox News, then you have to read the boring magazines. I don't care what they say, one issue of Good Housekeeping or People are  pretty much like any other.

But you can help prevent the intellectual atrophy that Fox and boring magazines bring on - smuggle in some subversive literature of your own. Why send those political magazines to the recycling center when they can be put to much better use? Just bring one or two down every time you have to make a visit to the doctor.

 The soul you help to save may be your neighbor's.


Duggars expecting 19th child - Jim Bob hits “send” key to alert all media in known universe

The increasingly-horrific Duggars are at it again! Look for fawning news crews to be at their door yet again, and no one will be asking any hard questions.

Just like Pavlov’s dogs, reporters rush out when Jim Bob Duggar lunges towards the :enter” key on whatever electronic device is near at hand when news of this nature comes yet again. There is something deeply pathological about all of this.

Instead of treating all of this with a yawn - and maybe doing a piece about feminism, and how this is a throwback to some primitive caveman stage - our local news will feature gushing reporters going, "Ooh, aah, pretty baby." like they usually do.

Can they at least talk to a psychologist or social worker in their creepy Duggar love-fests?


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