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Insurance companies are laughing at you, Senator Lincoln



Now that the last giant in the Senate has passed on, the Hobbits will be scrambling for leadership roles. One of those who has been mentioned for a chance in surging ahead is Blanche Lambert Lincoln, she of the widely despised Blue Dog Democrats.

Of course, “Miss Blanche” (as the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial writers like to refer to her on occasion) honestly hasn’t a clue as to why the Blue Dogs are so reviled.  But never let it be said that Lincoln hasn’t buckled on her armor and rushed out to the field of battle to defend the interests of American corporations when called upon.

At a time when a majority of Americans are - to put it mildly - repulsed by the insurance industry - Lincoln wrote a recent letter to President Obama,, in which she courageously defended those who have been screwing over the American public for years.

In a section that will no doubt be remembered alongside the Gettysburg Address for its sheer majesty, she writes:

We have 1,300 insurance companies in America. We don't need yet one more competitor. They sell thousands of different kinds of insurance policies. We don't need yet one more competitor. Honesty is not the issue. We have a highly regulated industry by the States and by the Federal Government. The only reason to have it is to put the private insurers out of business.

She goes on to quote from the Lewin Group, which she claims “ . . . is a highly respected, nonpartisan health care think tank” Dear god in heaven, lady, how dim do you think we are??? The Lewin Group is a subsidiary of an insurance  giant,  United Health. Does your staff know how to Google anything?

Who doesn’t know that by now?

And actually, Senator, honesty is kinda sorta the issue here. Both for the insurance companies and for members of Congress, who keep repeating the mantra from the Lewin Group, desperately hoping that no one will notice who their paymasters are.

There are so many reasons that a majority of Americans want the insurance companies to have serious competition - reasons you seem blissfully unaware of.

Pre-existing conditions? I had mild skin cancer, and I can’t get most insurance companies to talk to me. Isn’t it funny how that sort of question comes near the end of their questionnaire?

Denying payments for procedures? Talk about the real Death Panels - and you take their money!

Raising rates? Ah, the Free Market system.

Have you ever asked yourself why so many Americans would dance in the streets if the profits of insurance companies were seriously threatened?

The only  people in the United States that insurance companies are interested  helping,  besides themselves, are members of Congress - people like you, Senator Lincoln.

Thanks a bunch.


Blanche Lambert Lincoln and Performance Art

The next public appearance Senator Lincoln makes might be at a makeshift poetry slam, where she could read her infamous letter aloud outside the doors of any hospital emergency room, or inside a bankruptcy courtroom, just before people lose their dignity because they can’t pay their medical bills.

No doubt she will find an appreciative audience.


Then again . . .

Of course, with her poll numbers trailing behind her lesser-known possible GOP rivals, don’t expect any Profiles in Courage moments from Lincoln. If anything, she’ll be more conservative than ever.


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