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Ted Kennedy Bashing: Tough Guys at Fox News Strike Again!


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Interesting to see Bill O’Reilly snickering over what he thought of as the low points in Ted Kennedy’s political career tonight. Yes, it was repulsive, and yes, it was creepy to watch the Bully in the Bar sitting with Dick Morris, talking about Kennedy’s high and low political points, but that’s sort of the idea, isn’t it?

To make sure that no one recalls anything good about Kennedy? Especially right now?

Perhaps a documentary on Chappaquiddick, when the other networks are running his memorial this weekend?

There may be more to it than merely soulless hacks like O’Reilly and Morris taking turns writing graffiti on Kennedy’s  coffin. Just as Lyndon Johnson was able to push JFK’s civil rights agenda through (and make it his own, actually) there may be some terror in GOP circles that Democrats will finally get their act together on health care reform, in the wake of Ted Kennedy’s death.

You can’t start bashing the man too early, I suppose. Look for more faint praise followed by damning criticism in the days and weeks ahead by the Fox News Chickenhawks.

Quote of the Day

Fox News went on describing a mission accomplished in a place they called Afghanistan, in a country utterly unlike the one in which we lived. One night, as we sat in the dark to save generator power for the TV set, we heard some no-name right-wing think-tank pro-war neocon talking head explain that America could speedily repair any incidental damage to Iraq's infrastructure, just as it had done in Afghanistan. Security, water, electricity - all those things Kabulis had learned to live without - he said had been restored to Kabul "in no time."

Even in the dim glow of the TV, I could see that Helen was weeping. "Please can we go back to the BBC?" she said, and we never watched Fox News again. - Ann Jones, Kabul in Winter: Life without Peace in Afghanistan


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