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Thank you, Lioneld Jordan, Lindsley Smith and Jim Nickels.



Kudos to Mayor Lioneld Jordan, who spoke out on health care this week, when the Highway to Health care RV Tour made a stop on the Fayetteville Square.  Also in attendance in favor of health care reform were state Representatives Lindsley Smith and Jim Nickels.

At least some of those we have elected in Arkansas know the right thing to do.


I didn’t know she knew I was alive! Nah, she probably still doesn’t . . .

Wow - I actually got an email from Blanche Lambert Lincoln’s office, announcing that she will, after all, be having some form of health care forums in September. None are scheduled for Northwest Arkansas, though maybe she can be persuaded to fit one it somewhere.


Transplant Alert

And while we’re on the subject pf health care,  does anyone have a spare backbone laying around the house? The White House needs a few!

Well, more than just the White House, actually.


What? Who, me? No! Anybody but me!

I’ve been suggesting to folks over the past few weeks that since the Tea Bag Brigades are busy shouting over everyone - and busy communicating with their elected officials - that those whho support health care reform should do the same.

By and large, there are three basic  responses.

The first, and best, is when folks say, “Damn! You’re right!” Hopefully they follow through on that initial burst of enthusiasm.

The second is a sort of uncomfortable squirming in their chairs, and hemming and hawing, and a score of excuses are offered as to why they haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The third is the sort of dead-eyed stare that you give people when they are trying to fix you up on a blind-date with their cousin who just got out of prison. They pretend they haven’t heard the question, even if it is repeated, in the forlorn hope that it will never be brought up again.

But that sort of moral  Blankitude only really works if the question is never posed to them again. But more and more people are realizing that if it doesn’t happen this year, it ain’t gonna happen. Those who pretend they haven’t heard the question have to take a stand somewhere down the line.

Not sure they realize it, but ignoring the question is sort of taking a stand on the issue, though not in the way they might intend.


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