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Of Sailing Ships and Sealing Wax, of Cabbages and Aldermen . . .


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After reading of Alderman Matthew Petty’s “reasonable” explanation of just why he liberated the tricycle from the UA bike rack, one can’t but wonder if perhaps the alderman shouldn’t have insisted that he be treated like any other citizen in Fayetteville?

Not sure I were to “rescue” a padlocked bike from a rack I would be given the same leniency. How about you? How about your neighbors?

We live in a town where many have felt (rightly or wrongly) for a long time that UA athletes are given a slap on the wrist - if that - when caught by the law. Now we have an alderman who clearly broke the law, and everything is okay?

Not that they should throw the book at young Master Petty, but maybe he he should have had his day in court - like almost everyoner else in the world would have - and given his eloquent arguments there.


Then again, Matthew

Swiping someone’s tricycle and then breaking your leg while riding it?

Sounds like karma to me, dude.


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