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The only reason I might possibly fear Canadian health care



Though a strong believer in a Single-Payer system of health care, I have grown a little wary in the past few months of Canadian health care. And no, it’s not the cheesy commercials where Canadians warn us about the perils of health care north of the border.

And it isn’t the screaming Orcs (as enchanting as they are) showing up ranting at health care forums.

No, I’m sorry to say that my reason is a little more basic. It’s their god-awful made-for-TV movies.

Did I say awful? I meant wretched. One weekend’s - two if you are thoroughly masochistic - viewing is enough to drive even the most hardened researcher to drink. The biggest pushers of Canadian crap, of course,  are Lifetime and the Sci Fi (sorry, Sy Fy) Channel.

If they’re  labeled as “Suspense,” it must mean “Suspense for People with Bad Hearts,” because the slow pacing and horrid writing evident on most of these films are truly a crime against Nature. But the only pain Nature is likely to feel is a growing sense of helpless boredom.

And as for what passes for science fiction? We just can’t go there.

If Obama wanted to declare war on the Canadian television film industry tomorrow, I’d be the first to enlist. 

Now, Britain, on the other hand? Hey, they produce Torchwood.  In the words of that great American philosopher Stan Lee, “‘Nuff Said.”


Quote of the Day

"I'm enough of a pessimist that I'm going to continue writing fantasy." - David Eddings, fantasy author


A movie about a toy I would actually go see

Tom Hanks as Major Matt Mason? Now, we’re getting somewhere! On a boring weekend in the 1980s I once went to see He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to Hell for that . . .


The Time Travel Question - Al Vick

We had a serious question last time, so this time we’ll go for something a little more fun. If you could travel though time, what period of history would you travel to, and why? What historical event would you try to change, and to what outcome? And last but certainly not least - the best time travel movie or television series. Today we present Al Vick, who  is a writer living in Fayetteville.

Sometimes I think that I would like to travel back to the 1800s - back to the old west. But then, when I really think about it, ancient Egypt during the time in which the pyramids were built might be even more interesting. Then again, why stop at Egypt; Atlantis would be very interesting. sigh! I think I need a Tardis.

What historical event would you try to change, and to what outcome?

What? And change the entire time stream? No matter how bad a historical outcome might have been, I would not change a thing. To do so, would create an alternative reality with the possibility of unforeseen events taking place that could be more devastating than that which we already know.

The best film? Star Trek: First Contact.

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