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Conservatives for Patients’ Rights? In what alternate universe?



Been seeing commercials from something called Conservatives for Patients Rights. Yeah, I thought, maybe on the Bizarro World. But sure enough, there is indeed a movement - with a website and everything! - talking about the evils of “Obamacare” and how there are all these other wonderful plans out there, and how competition is the greatest thing since peanut butter, and wouldn’t you like to have a pony on Christmas morning, too?

Well, turns out out some of the folks behind the the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have links to this group of compassionate conservatives.

Yes, there is a lot of panic out there in the world today, and the compassionate conservatives - those who have discovered a newfound interest in patients rights - are sweating up a storm.

Anyone taking bets for how long these groups will stay in existence if Obama’s health care proposals are defeated?

To take a look at the CPR sight, and then a debunking site:


Battlestar Galactica

Tracy and I just watched the final couple of episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and we both agreed that it was the perfect ending for an almost flawless series. This is especially true when you think of how many series get abruptly canceled, and never get a proper end-off.


Quote of the Day

First things first, but not necessarily in that order. - The Doctor (Doctor Who)


On the Air - Fresh Water Now - Correction

Thanks to the sharp-eyed reader who spotted the need for a correction. If you want to check out more of the documemnrtay, "Fresh water Now," here is the link:


The America Question - Shannon Caine

Our final entry in the America Question is provided by Shannon Caine, who  is an author who has penned a rather wide variety of articles and essays. In addition to being a writer, Caine is a regional TV show host and musician who maintains a keen interest in history, theology, literature and the arts

I love America. I'm very up-front about that, and am proud to be a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, I cannot truthfully say that America is the greatest country in the world.

One reason is due to the current state of health care in this country. Someone very dear to me is currently undergoing intense physical pain simply because he can't afford to go to the doctor. This is a hard-working, decent individual who, because of the present economic downturn, is facing a choice between medicine and groceries. How this can happen in "the world's greatest country" is simply beyond me. One little shot could provide great relief to him, but the cost of that shot is absurdly high, thanks to the pharmaceutical and medical industries being permitted to get away with highway robbery by a government that does not seem to care in any real way for the well-being of its citizens. When people do attempt to introduce health care reform, they're branded as such stock-footage villains that they might as well have been Communists during the McCarthy era. People scream "Socialism!" and "Liberalism!" in a knee-jerk reaction to reform while their fellow human beings suffer and even die. As of late, we've been well-trained to perpetuate the liberal-versus-conservative wars, because that takes the focus off of what's really happening. Better to vilify our fellow countrymen than to band together and help make the country a better  place to live.

American public education is, for the largest part, a joke. Why do foreign-born students so often eclipse their American counterparts in mathematics and the  sciences? Because they're actually taught these subjects in the first place. Each generation, my own included, seems to shamble out of the educational system dumber than the one that came before it, and then people blame the kids as if it's their fault. Throwing money at public education does not make people more educated. In my own area, new schools are being built left and right. The thing nobody's addressing is what's going to be taught in these  shiny new school buildings. The buildings, nine times out of ten, are not the  problem. The problem is what passes for "education" and the soft-serve nonsense  that's being foisted off on students from kindergarten to graduate school.

The so-called "War on Drugs" is an outrageously stupid waste of public  money. Why does "the greatest country in the world" also maintain an obscenely  large prison industry that, for its primary cash cow, incarcerates citizens for  smoking leaves? The tobacco industry also encourages people to smoke leaves,  leaves that will kill them, but that's okay because Big Tobacco is a corporate  industry.

In a splendidly ironic gesture, America trumpets the merits of capitalism and  free enterprise while locking up prostitutes (capitalists who choose to sell  their bodies) in jail. We still have shameful rates of teenage pregnancy  compared to other First World nations, and allow the "abstinence only" farce to  continue in our schools while teens continue to not only get pregnant far too  early, but to spread sexually transmitted diseases, as well. America, via the  FCC, is very good at censorship while claiming to be a nation devoted to  freedom of speech. We can't see Janet Jackson's nipple on television, but it's  all right to send young people off to die in wars. Prudishness does not serve  Americans well.

It is for these reasons, and many others, that I cannot claim that America is  the greatest country in the world. Despite this, I love America greatly; that  is why I take a personal interest in helping to change it. True patriotism has  nothing to do with flag-waving and jingoism, but rather, with promoting  change and reform when the country appears to have taken a wrong turn.

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