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Why is this place so empty?



Walking around the Dickson Street's The Three Sisters on Sunday morning, one can’t get away from an abandoned building feeling.

The Three Sisters, once the darling of editorial writers in Northwest Arkansas, has never lived up to its potential, though you wouldn’t be able to tell that from any of the press coverage. The building - once dubbed Famine, Pestilence and Acne by some in the community - was once written and talked about relentlessly, as if just talking about about the damn thing would make it successful

So, did it?

Or is just another case of yet another developer’s hubris, and gullible reporters falling in for it?


Quote of the Day

For every complex, intriguing, engaging, well-scripted, brilliantly acted drama on television, there are 63 cheaply made reality shows killing time and watched by viewers who don't so much want to invest in TV as have it wash over them. - Michael Storey, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (January 13, 2009)


Marvin Hilton: The Psychology of War

This week I’ll be sitting down with Marvin Hilton to discuss the book,  The Psychology of War: Comprehending Its Mystique and Its Madness by Lawrence LeShan. The main idea of the book is that societies often engage in war when people  have moved into a "mythic" mode of experiencing reality. As defined by noted psychologist Erik Erikson, “mythic” thinking divides the world into the good and the evildoers.

The conversation is lively and provocative.

Hilton is very passionate about the book, and has given several presentations in Fayetteville about it.

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