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Where the health care debates should be taking place


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I’m getting tired of turning on my television and seeing policy dweebs discussing health care. I’m tired of people standing in front of blue curtains or American flags, pontificating till the cows come home.

I’m tired of millionaires and the lackeys of millionaires discussing what is good for America on TV talk shows. I’m even tired of town hall style meetings, because they have lost their novelty, if you will. 

I think that the next time President Obama - or anyone, for that matter - wants to hold a press conference about the health care crisis in the country they should do it standing outside of an emgency room.

Maybe someone could interview people as they come out, after their long wait to see a doctor, about what they think of the health care system in this country.

Why stop there? Maybe a press conference could be held outside a courthouse building, where bankruptcy hearings are beings held. Some air head correspondent from CNN might even get their consciousness raised.

Let’s have the folks who are so proudly touting “finest health care system in the world” on TV interviews face down a room of folks who are losing everything because someone in their life had the misfortune to have cancer, or some other life-threatening illness.

Now that’s reality TV I would watch.


Quote of the Day

During the last few years, politics has worked perversely: taxes on the wealthy have been cut, and so have programs directed at the poor. The reason isn't difficult to explain. Many Americans-- especially those who have been losing ground have given up on politics. As their incomes have shrunk, they've lost confidence that the "system" will work in their interest. That cynicism has generated a self-fulfilling prophesy. Politicians stop paying attention to people who don't vote, who don't work the phone banks or walk the precincts, who have opted out. And the political inattention seems to justify the cynicism. Meanwhile, the top tier has experienced precisely the opposite--a virtuous cycle in which campaign contributions have attracted the rapt attention of politicians, the attention has elicited even more money, which in turn has given the top tier even greater influence.: Robert Reich - Former Secretary of Labor


Okay, I’ve changed my mind about Jay Cole, Jr.

I’ved changed my mind about Jay Cole, Jr. becoming a columnist for the Northwest Arkansas Times. I think we may have found a winner in Anne Britton.

If not a gold medalist in the Mean and Crazy Olympics, she is certainly in the running, with her latest offering as a guest columnist, as proof,  “Let them eat painkillers.”


At the end of her column it reads, “Anne Britton is a conservative, avid hunter and a mental health advocate. She lives in Fayetteville.”

Well, mental health something, at any rate . . .


On the Air - Fresh Water Now

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Paul Chapracki (Director/Cinematographer) and Jonathon Carlson (Editor) who
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The program also features footage from the documentary.

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