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Gary Dumas: Welcome to the Forbidden Zone



It may be hard to believe, but there are still people in Elk City who still talk to me, even after all the things I have written about the little town on the far, far reaches of Oklahoma. So it was a surprise when someone called and asked if I knew Gary Dumas, late of Fayetteville.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the article in the paper about Dumas getting his new job, but now I realized, with a joy one only realized on Christmas morning, just where Comrade Dumas has gone.

Elk City, Oklahoma.

The Forbidden Zone.

The fact that you can’t get decent cable channels (not even the Comedy Channel or Bravo for crying out loud!) in Elk City, is one thing, and the fact that the only bookstore in town is at the local Walmart is another. Elk City is an entirely different  universe compared to Fayetteville, the New York City of the Ozarks.

Try finding a decent newspaper to red in Elk City!

Try finding a liberal . . .

Even before Dumas arrived in his new digs, local folks were posting their thoughts on the subject:

Not sure what to make of the lost soul who thought he was a Martin Lawrence look-a-like.


Quote of the Day

The value of an idea has nothing to do with the success of the man who expresses it. - Oscar Wilde

The America Question - Dan Vega

Continuing the ongoing series dealing with America’s place in the world. Are we still the greatest country in the world, if we ever were? What can be done to change the way things are now? Dan Vega (Dirty Dan, Garden Doctor) is a gardener, biologist, home repair specialist, cross-disciplinarian, practicing liberal artist and co-host of Fayetteville Community Access Television's One Whirled View.
NO, it is not.

There are an infinite number of answers to the question of what has happened. Someone once said that many strike at the branches of evil but few strike at the roots. So let's go to the roots:

We have lost our judgement.

How? Why?

Television? Drugs? Greed? Microwaves from cell phones? Liberals? Toxic chemicals? Satan? Conservatives? Electromagnetic radiation? Godlessness? Violent movies? Aliens? Ionizing radiation? Pornography? And what is wrong with those kids, anyway?

All branches.

At the roots are the words of Rudolph Steiner: "Food today does not contain sufficient nutrition to allow the brain to work with a more spiritual/holistic awareness."

We must return to our roots. Sound judgement comes from a healthy body which comes from healthy food which comes from healthy soil. USDA data show our food quality has been in steady decline since 1922. Industrial agricultural has depleted and damaged topsoil extensively and given us nutritionally deficient foods. Transgenetic (GM) foods add insult to injury. (Most Americans are eating them without even knowing it.)

We must rebuild the soil to produce healthier foods that feed our bodies and spirits. We must all participate in this as directly as possible. We are, after all, human beings.

And where does "human" come from?

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