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The Most Repulsive Moments of the Michael Jackson Coverage


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After today, the nonstop Michael Jackson television coverage comes to an end, except for the one year anniversary of his death of course, at which we point we will have Michael Jackson retrospectives.

Then will come the five year mark, and the ten year mark.

The coverage in the last week or so has ranged from interesting to ghoulish, but by far the most repulsive moments have com the television interviewers who have treated grieving friends and family members as though - in addition to talking about the late singer - they were somehow obligated to put on a show for the folks at home.

First came Matt Lauer of NBC’s Today Show, when he was interviewing Jermaine Jackson. At the end of the interview, Jackson spoke of a song which would always remind him of his brother.

“Can you sing it for us,” asked Lauer.

Huh? What? Are you insane, Lauer?

The obliging Jermaine sang a few bars, then stopped. Lauer seemed disappointed that he didn’t belt out the whole song.

Not to be outdone, one of CNN's Junior Varsity weekend anchors happened to be interviewing Smokey Robinson over the weekend, and the subject came up of what Robinson might sing at today’s memorial.

“Sing it for us,” implored the CNN air head.

Like Jermaine Jackson, Robinson sang a few words of the song.

Are these people insane? Or just callous beyond belief?

Larry King was on last night, interviewing Jermaine; I didn’t have the stomach to watch.


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