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Palin versus bloggers: Lotsa Luck



An attorney for Sarah Palin, soon to be former governor of Alaska, has warned that legal action might be taken against bloggers and publications which print what the Palin camp feel are “fraudulent” claims concerning the reasons she is leaving office so abruptly.

The threat also extends to those who might republish the contested information, such as newspapers and TV networks. Public access stations seem safe for the time being.

One can understand the wish behind the Palin machine to control all possible nuggets of “news” about her as much as possible, but honestly, going after bloggers?

There used to be asaying that anyone who picked a fight with a newspaper would be on the losing end, since newspapers buy ink by the barrel. Of course, that was when newspapers had a lot more disposal income, I suppose.

Still, bloggers don’t even have to buy  ink.

I’m sure that issuing threats like that is really gonna make everybody layoff about anything Palin related.  I also imagine this won’t be the last threat coming from the Orcs who surround this professional victim. After all, there are so many enemies out there, who don’t share her real American values.





Fellow Republicans?

It’s going to be an entertaining couple of years.


Quote of the Day

I stuffed a lot of alligators down the tubes to get to where I am today. - Roddy Piper, American wrestler


Paid sick days: Common Sense!

A reader sent me a link to a website that one can go to and send a message to our representatives in Congress asking them to support the Healthy Families Act.  As someone who worked for over 20 years in factory jobs, I can readily attest to the fact that most hourly employees in this country don’t get “Sick Days,” and are penalized when they do take time off when they are sick.

That’s why it was so grotesque to hear folks on the news tell people to stay home when they have the flu. Sure, and get fired. Then again, maybe you wouldn’t really like to consider how many folks in food plants or restaurants  have to come to work when they are deathly ill because they have no other options.

Sick people working around food.  Yeah, great. You think the employer cares? If they did, the employees would have sick days. Check out the website, and send a strong message.


The America Question - D.R. Bartlette

Continuing the ongoing poll considering America’s place in the world. D.R. Bartlette is a freelance writer and journalism instructor.

Is America still the "greatest country in the world"? I don't think America was ever the "greatest country in the world." Every country is great in some ways and horrible in others.

What can be done to put it right? I would rephrase this as, "What can be done to make America greater?" To that end, I would say that our government, as the representatives of the people, should have a set of goals more noble than protecting business interests (as it is now). We should have a goal that in the richest country in the world, no-one should go hungry.

Our educational system should be one of our top priorities - not only should every kid get an excellent primary education, but college should be available for every student who desires it. Every American has the right to free/cheap, quality health care. Other priorities: repairing and updating our infrastructure, stronger labor laws (i.e., paid sick days & vacation time for all workers), and a goal of total petroleum independence ASAP.

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