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Dana Sargent: Why doing all your research at E-Z Mart may not be the best idea in the universe



TBU graduate (and Fox News Edge anchor) Dana Sargent had a question for folks last week that they could Twitter her about. I can’t locate the exact question now, but in essence, she asked viewers to Twit her their responses to her pondering on just why the shooting at the Holocaust Museum was getting so much more attention than the scooting at the recruitment office in Little Rock.

Gee, I dunno, Dana. Could it be because it was the second incident of right-wing violence in 11 days, so prophetically warned about by the Department of Homeland Security some months ago? Could it be because the rise of the hate groups that the shooter belonged to has been on the rise in the past few years, and most dramatically since Obama’s election?

Could it be that anyone who isn’t a graduate of Ted Baxter University might have seen that instantly?

Yes, the Little Rock shooting was horrible, and was also an act of domestic terrorism.  But the Holocaust Museum is symptomatic of something larger, something so big that even someone who works for a Fox affiliate might be able to connect the dots.


Quote of the Day

"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them." ~ Ray Bradbury


The America Question - Al Brooks

I have been asking a number of folks recently the following questions:

Is America still the "greatest country in the world'? If not, what has happened? What can be done to put it right?

Today’s response comes from Al Brooks, who writes  an environmental column, has
> taught electronics in a community college, worked as an electronics engineer in R&D and bio-medicine, and spent two years in the army during the Korean War. He Before coming to Arkansas, he was born and raised in New York City.
I can't answer whether America is or isn't the "greatest" because I've only visited in other countries while I've lived all my life here. I do know that we would be a far better country if we
enjoyed a democratic form of government. What we have instead is a plutocracy. The insurance companies will continue to skim 30% off our health care expenditures, the energy companies will keep renewable energy on the back burner until the coal and oil run out, the military-industrial complex will continue to develop new weapons and create wars to test them, etc., no matter how well intentioned our president is.

And since our educational system is complicit in deluding generations of students about our form of government, and teaching a highly sanitized version of American history, it is near to impossible to correct what people believe they "know."


And for all those who hate really annoying end credits on movies

Heather Drain of Community Access Television sent me this link, to an musing bit on YouTube, with the folks on Mystery Science Theater 3000 having fun during the end credits of yet another bad movie.



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