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Fayetteville’s Social Media Committee - C.A.T. Missing in Action?



While Twittering at public meetings still seems to offend many people, most people are four square in favor of the social media committee,. And while most members of the community seem well-represented on the community, there seems to be one glaring exception - Community Access Television.

Long before Comrade Petty made an entrance on the seen, C.A.T. has been at the forefront of “social media” in Fayetteville. And when one says “long before,” one actually means over ten years. They have been working with the public on You Tube, and blogging, and all manner Internet related communications, besides public access television.

I know that people have informed  Petty of this before, but , but many suspect that he prefers to come across (in his own universe, at least) as the pioneer in Fayetteville on these matters, and the truth is that he isn’t.

Far from it.

Then again, it ain’t like Petty has actually availed himself of the opportunity to actually learn about what the folks at the PEG center have been working on long before he came on the scene. It’s not he’s gone in, plopped himself down in a chair, and asked, “So, what have you guys been up to?”

This is what the gods call “irony,” since Petty is so quick to accuse others of not doing “research” when they criticize Twitter. Or when they make fun of it, like I have, on occasion.

Of course,  whoever it was in City Hall who put this committee together and didn’t include a C.A.T. rep really screwed the pooch on this one, too.

For more information on the committee and on what C.A.T. has been up to:




Quote of the Day

Language may die at the hands of the schoolmen; it is regenerated by the poets. - Emmanuel Mounier, "Be Not Afraid"

Standing up for Free Choice - because not everybody has one

The Arkansas AFL-CIO will be holding a Vigil for the Employee Free ChoiceAct at Senator Lincoln's office in Little Rock on this Wednesday, May 27th. In a supporting action, the Northwest Arkansas Labor Council will hold  an informational picket at Senator Lincoln's office in Fayetteville from 4:30-5:30 on Wednesday, as well.

It will be  at the corner of College Avenue and Mountain Street, outside the Federal Building.

Folks are invited to stop by and participate, even if only for a few minutes. EFCA signs will be available.

In the finest tradition of Dan Coody

Fayetteville’s former mayor had a long-standing tendency to complain long and loud to whoever would listen about how he was being mistreated at any particular point by the local media. This Profile in Courage also extended to at least one member of his senior staff, who not only whined publicly about how she was being treated in local blogs (blogs, for crying out loud!) but also refused to attend certain city committee meetings because she claimed that he had been treated “rudely.”

Now comes along a particularly humorless alderman who mutters darkly about  manufactured controversy" concerning one of his proposed measures.

Manufactured controversy? Well, at least he hasn’t accused folks of being in a conspiracy against him - yet.

The traditional advice one gives elected officials in this sort of situation is this - if you want love, buy a dog. But that’s probably not a good idea. The damn dog would probably hurt his feelings three times before breakfast . . .


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