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Blanche Lambert Lincoln - can’t a real Democrat be found to run against this pretender?



A lot has been written lately speculating on possible Republican opposition for Blanche lambert Lincoln, come next next election. Well, instead of thinking about that, here’s a different question to ponder:

When will a Democrat challenge her?

Lincoln, whom the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sometimes fondly ferers to to as “Miss Blanche” - a term that should make her skin crawl - is one of the notorious “Blue Dog Democrats,” or “moderate” Democrats, if you will.

Firmly in the pocket of business interests, she will always vote their way over the needs of common humanity. Yet she handily wins each election. It is as though no one is really paying attention, or in disgust, figures that Lincoln (with her occasional nods to social justice) is the best that we can do.

One sort of gives up on Mark Pryor, I think, in this sort of discussion. But Lincoln still manages to charm the folks at home into believing that her heart is in the right place, when it may just may firmly lie with those who write her the biggest checks. Lincoln is considered by many to be a reliable vote on key GOP issues.

In truth, Lincoln may be yet another in that fine tradition of Southern “Democrats” who join the party out of convenience, and not any real core beliefs.

We deserve better than this.


Quote of the Day

The arm of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. - Martin Luther King Jr.


On the Air - Arkansas ACLU/Act One Lawsuit

One of the plaintiffs in the ACLU Act One lawsuit,  Vickie Kelley, will be the guest on my show  next week.

In November, Arkansas voters passed Act One, which barred those who are unmarried couples from adopting children in the state of Arkansas. This also extends to foster parenting.

The Family Council, which spearheaded the Act One campaign, claimed that one of its goals was to stop the furtherance of the "gay agenda" in Arkansas.

Some months ago, several families joined with the American Civil Liberties Union, filing a lawsuit seeking to strike down the new law, with the ACLU making the case that Act 1 violates the federal and state constitutional rights to equal protection and due process.

Among those participating in the case is Northwest Arkansas resident Vickie Kelley, a grandmother who lives with her partner of nine years. Kelley and her partner also raised her partner's daughter together.

Kelley will discuss the emotional impact November's vote had on her personally, and the consequences, should anything happen to her grandchildren, should anything happen to their parents.

Kelley's son Cary, and his wife, Trina, are also participants in the ACLU lawsuit.

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Congratulations to UA’s DeAnna Pratt Swearingen

The UA’s DeAnna Pratt Swearingen, who has been ranked the Number One law student in Arkansas,.has just received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas, and will be pursuing her major in LLM in International Legal Studies at New York University.

Years ago, I worked with DeAnna’s husband, Matt, in the chemical lab at Superior Industries.

Once again, congratulations.

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