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The world turned upside down: Arnold out, Masterson in at Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


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George Arnold, who has served the Northwest Arkansas community well with his columns in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, has been replaced with Mike “my car doesn’t even make left turns” Masterson as the opinion editor for the Northwest Arkansas edition.

There has been much consternation over the past few days, and many are wondering if Masterson will be as open-minded and as willing to work with letter writers he doesn’t agree with as Arnold may have been.

While George Arnold represented the Reasonable Man, Mike Masterson, in recent years, has come to resemble nothing so much as  the Hysterical Man, overreacting to almost everything in sight - in short, he fits in perfectly with the editorial vision of the Arkansas Democrat-gazette, whose motto these days may well be, considering the national political landscape we find ourselves in:

Better Red than Dead.


But this is why Mike Masterson should not be the opinion editor

Just days before the November elections, Masterson repeated the most racist rumor making the rounds in this country at the time, that if Obama lost the election, many black  Americans would be rioting in the streets.

Some of his recent writings have had a racist tinge to them, particularly his partisan - and clumsy - attempts to explain the mortgage crisis.


I doubt the ADG will say it, so . . .

Thanks, George. A lot of folks appreciate the fine work that you have done over the years. You’ll be missed.

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