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Sometimes you pick up the newspaper, and a letter just sort of hits you between the eyes with its wisdom, and grasp of all that is truly important in life. Such a letter was to be found in yesterday’s edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

Get to the meaty stuff

I believe that public school curriculum does not teach us what will help us later in life. Instead of teaching the standardized practice, teach me how to fill out a check or manage money. Teaching me a box-and-whisker plot helps me in no way whatsoever. I still don't know how to set up a savings or checking account, so what is that? I need full information.

Little Rock


Satire? Please?

Part of me is hoping that this is a clever send-up of those who whine about our public schools. I mean, it would seem sort of cruel to point out that even if the dimmest lightbulb in the house didn’t know how to set up a savings or checking account, well, that is what the good folks at the bank are good for.

I sort of enjoyed the concept of taking several years to teach kids how to write out a check. If this is humor, it’s great. If it isn’t, I’m terrified.

Then again, considering some of the bills that ave come out of the state legislature this year, he may have a home in politics. But why stop there? He could go on the road with Joe the Plumber, before taking a shot a national office.


For those who may not know what box and whisker plots are

I admit it. I had to look it up myself.


Quote of the Day

Minds of moderate caliber ordinarily condemn everything which is beyond their range. - La Rouchefoucauld, "Maxims"


“Liberal” Mike interviews “Real” Mike?

Since there doesn’t actually  seem to be a liberal bone in Mike Masterson’s increasingly close-minded body, his self “interviews” are just more opportunities for him to make fun of people he disagrees with.

Remember all those spiritual columns that Mike used to write, a sort of literary vision-quest, if you will?  Hasn’t written one of those for a few years, has he? I wonder why.

Any thoughts on the subject?


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