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Old Main, we can hardly see ye


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Walking out of the Walton Arts Center yesterday, I happened to look up in the direction of Old Main, only to see the Underwood Plaza rising before me. I’m sorry, but as buildings go, it ain’t all that impressive.

But it isn’t the design of the building that I’m writing about today, but exactly what people were wrorried about all those years ago when the WAC was first built on Dickson, and continued on to the Three Sisters (Famine, Pestilence and Acne) on Dickson - that Old Main, the symbol of the University of Arkansas, would no longer be visible to those who visit Dickson Street.

There are still a few places where you can still see Old Main, in the midst of the fabled “Entertainment District.”  Yet there are many who still contend that it isn’t even a topic of conversation any more, or even a consideration.

Can’t see Old Main? Buy a painting!

Not to worry, though, the developers of Underwood Plaza have great photos of Old Main on their websites- taken from the Ninth floor of the building.  Cuz you know, if you’re  gonna spend 212,000 on a condo with - what, really? one bedroom? - you deserve that great view.

Yeah - building condos when the national condo market is going flat. Hope you guys aren’t rushing out to take any IQ tests any time real soon. 


Quote of the Day

People "died" all the time in their lives. Parts of them died when they made wrong kinds of decisions - decisions against life. Sometimes they died bit by bit until finally they were just living corpses walking around. If you were perceptive you could see it in their eyes; the fire had gone out . . . But you always knew when you made a decision against life. When you denied life you were warned. The cock crowed, always, somewhere inside you. The door clicked and you were safe inside - safe and dead. - Anne Morrow Lindbergh, "The Steep Ascent"


No, really, TV Guide, hardly anybody I know talks about the Duggars at all

The Duggars made TV Guide’s “Water Cooler: What we’re all talking about this week” column this edition. The Duggars, who have managed to snag a show on TLC - 17 Kids and Counting - oh, what’s the use?

Jim Bob, who, like Pavlov’s dog, hits the “send” key on whatever electronic device is at hand whenever his wife is either pregnant or has given birth, is once again the toast of folks who refuse to look too closely at some of the seriously damaged support the Duggars have gotten in recent years.

Ironically, the best remark on the recent birth came from the racist Stormfront website, where one person posted:

It would lead one to question whether the woman is somewhat a masochist ... who just happen to be fortunate enough to marry a sadist.

That is more than offset, though, by the posts praising them for having the kids, and looking forward to their children having children. White children, of course.

A post from:


They work to have this many children. They plan around Michelle’’s fertility. They could not financially support these children without the television shows and charitable donations. The parents don’t manage the children, they manage a schedule that requires the older children to care for the younger children.

The girls are taught that they’re only function is to marry and bear children for their church. The boys do not plan to go to college, but instead take jobs and start businesses that will not support their future large families.

Considering the over-population of Earth, these people’s selfishness should find them paying the rest of us for each child they bear.

There are a lot of other good comments there, as well. The above comments do make me wonder, though. If the TV contract went away, and the contributions dried up, would they continue to Super Duggarize their family?


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