Employee Free Choice Act: Yeah, I should really put my faith in the Chamber of Commerce on this Issue, shouldn’t I? | Street Jazz

Employee Free Choice Act: Yeah, I should really put my faith in the Chamber of Commerce on this Issue, shouldn’t I?


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The anti-labor forces are gathering steam on this issue, all the way from letters to the editor to business leaders. I think that people who actually punch a time clock should be the leaders (and interviewed first) in this conversation, not folks who have a vested interest in workers not being able to organize.

But what do I know? I’m just a guy who used to punch a time clock.

For more accurate information on the Employee Free Choice Act:





Correction Department: Festival - Goddesses, Angels, and Amazons 

The organizers of the upcoming March festival have issued a correction to an email that was sent out on their behalf. It reads:

At our first meeting, our planning committee agreed unanimously on the inclusion of men as contributors, presenters, and participants.

We have stated our mission: To celebrate the 'divine feminine' in our history, images, and visions.

We believe there are men among us who can do that with us - - the 'call for entries and proposals' is open to all.

Acceptance will be based on relevance to theme as determined by committee.

Vickie Kelley, Soap & Vick Events

The email in question also spelled Vickie Kelley’s name wrong, which I made worse  by reprinting it my blog, which might be forgivable, if I hadn’t known Vickie, like, forever.

A simple oops doesn’t even begin to cover that one.


Vicks 44 - Are you people insane?

I have seen the commercial on TV, and even seen this message on the Vicks Formula 44 website:

Watch how Formula 44 saved a synchronized swimming team's day in this recent TV ad.

So - they take Vicks 44, which takes care of their symptoms - but instead of going home to rest they jump into what one can only assume is a public pool?

The warning: Do not try this at home surely applies in this instance.


Quote of the Day

For bureaucratic reasons we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on.": Paul Wolfowitz, USA Deputy Defense Secretary in an interview in the July 2003 issue of magazine Vanity Fair



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