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The Dubious Legacy of Dan Coody: Aesthetics over Humanity


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In my mailbox today was a flyer from the Coody Campaign, entitled: “Dan’s getting RESULTS.”

I won’t rattle them off, since the flyer is all over town, and we see them trumpeted every day in the letters columns in the local papers - and now on YouTube  - yes, Matthew Petty, we have all heard of your tribute to Dan -  I would have preferred a Britney Spears obsessed fannish sort of YouTube defense from young Master Petty:

Leave him alone, you bastards!

Ah well, can’t have everything.

I’ve spent some time reading the accolades on, Writers rave over trails, and Dan’s improving the aesthetics of Fayetteville. And it’s true, Dan loves things that are pretty - whether they be pretty people on campaign ads, pretty sidewalks, or pretty buildings.

My God, the man loves to gush about aesthetics! In fact, if you go to Google and type in “Dan Coody - aesthetics” you’ll find page after page after page of Dan waxing eloquently about aesthetics.

Try typing in: Dan Coody - poverty.

Or: Dan Coody - trailer parks.

Lotsa luck.

It’s not just that Dan can’t seem to find time to address issues of working class poverty, or the fact that more than a few working class families live in third world conditions in Fayetteville.  You’ll never see any of them on his TV ads or campaign literature - and not just because so many of them have been evicted from their homes, and now live in other cities.

Yes, more families have been evicted to make room for developments that have - to put it mildly - failed to live up to expectations than in any other administration in recent history.

Like the local media, Dan never bothers to ask, “Where have all the people gone?"

Instead, he whines - and he has whining down to an art unsurpassed by any politician I have ever met - about the trials and tribulations of developers.

Some people don’t feel welcome in Dan’s vision of the New Fayetteville, and lots of them are finding that they no longer have a place to live.

The fear-mongering about unions reveals something ugly about the Coody approach to politics and those who punch a time clock:  trash the working class - except when you can use them for a photo op. While some may have been taken in by his appearance at the workers’ rally last spring, what might be their attitude towards him if be showed up at one today?

Factory jobs are deserting the town, and Coody talks about Pie in the Sky “Green Jobs.” Show up at the Employment Office, Dan, or the Department of Human Services, and ask folks on food stamps about jobs in Fayetteville.

Take a camera crew.


Oh, yeah, and before I forget . . .

You told a whopper, Dan, in front of the US Conference of Mayors. And I think that the only reason that you did it was to make yourself look good - you know, more aesthetic.


Send this guy to a cover a Tough Guy contest!

From Dustin Tracy’s account of the Jordan/Coody debate.

This exchange was one of only a few punches pulled at the debate, when the Fayetteville mayoral candidates met for the second time in seven days to debate the issues they would face if elected.

Good political writing should be like the best sports writing, but reporters have to careful that they actually know the terminology they are using. If you are pulling your punches you are probably going to end up flat on your back. Dustin Tracy probably meant to write of punches landed, perhaps?

If you are going to use a sports phrase, get it right.


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