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Sarah Palin: Looking to provoke another Altamont?



Watching the monstrous Sarah Palin egging on the Orcs at her rallies, a thought struck me today as she suggested that maybe a demonstrator - instead of being escorted out - should have been left to the ministrations of the crowd:

I think she may be looking to provoke an incident, an incident so horrendous it would resonate around the globe.

She didn’t come right out and say that the crowd might have fun tearing Obama supporters limb from limb, though the tone in her voice as she suggested that the crowd might have educated (or words to that effect) the person in question was chilling - as was her demeanor.

Is immature woman,  in effect, hoping for another Altamont, when members of the Hells Angels beat a young man to death at a 1969 concert, while the Rolling Stones were performing? To read the Altamont account on Wikipedia:

Hell, we’ve got old ladies acting like street thugs attacking people at GOP rallies. I don’t think Sarah Palin will be happy until somebody, somewhere, is taught a lesson they won’t soon forget.


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