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The scoop on Obama: I know this must be true because the guy who delivered the TV said so



A few days ago we got cable and Internet hooked up here in Elk City - also known as the Forbidden Zone. I have been encouraging folks to open up to me while I am here, so that I can get a feel for the community. I now know many more things than I did before.

For example, the fellow - a nice fellow, I must tell you - who brought the TV that we rented (the TV in the house being on the fritz) informed me that if Obama were to be elected, a lot of Oklahomans would have to move, because “Obama would make the oil companies stop drilling oil in the U.S.”

“What?” I asked. “Have you been listening to Fox News?”

He shook his head doggedly. “I heard him say it on the debate Tuesday night,” he claimed.

I must have gone to the bathroom during that part of the debate.

He didn’t care for John McCain much either, though he he really didn’t offer up any reasons. But as for McCain’s running mate?

“Sarah Palin is hot,” he grinned.

The NAFTA Super Highway - where the rubber meets the road

When the cable guy cam over earlier this week, he told me, with some insistence, that he was concerned that neither of the major political candidates had the courage to address the NAFTA Super Highway - you know, the mythical road that is several football fields across, leading from Mexico to Canada?

For those who may want to see reality versus myth, or in this case, truly where the rubber meets the road, they can check out:


On the Air with Lioneld Jordan

Alderman Lioneld Jordan is the guest on my show this week, discussing many of the same subjects that other candidates have discussed. Jordan, of course, comes from a strong working class background, and understands how government policy affect everyone in the city.

Jordan has strong views on economic development, promoting Fayetteville, and taking care of our infrastructure.

It’s a fascinating interview. Fayetteville is lucky to have such a talented pool of candidates to choose from this year.

Days and times:

Monday - 7pm
Tuesday - noon
Saturday - 6pm


Well, if the Northwest Arkansas Times won’t cover it, we’ll get the news out another way department

Well, since the NWA Times has shown some reluctance to cover the fact that Dan Coody may have told a whopper when he informed the US Conference of Mayors in June that Fayetteville had discontinued the use of bottled water several years ago, I brought it up during my interview with Lioneld Jordan.


Quote of the Day

"I sat there in agony thinking about all that had led me to this private hell. My idealism, my patriotism, my ambition, my plans to be a good intelligence officer to help my country fight the communist scourge - what in the hell had happened? Why did we have to bomb the people we were trying to save? Why were we napalming young children? Why did the CIA, my employer for 16 years, report lies instead of the truth?

"I hated my part in the charade of murder and horror. My efforts were contributing to the deaths, to the burning alive of children - especially the children. The photographs of young Vietnamese children burned by napalm destroyed me."  - Ralph McGehee former CIA intelligence analyst

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