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NWA Times attempts satire: somewhere in Hell, Ayn Rand is smiling



Though there may be wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding the editorial in today’s issue of the Northwest Arkansas Times, I think they are to be commended for attempting outight humor on the editorial page.

From the provocative tone set by the bold statement that “Property owners, not the masses, have the final say in America,” to the line about how “ . . . architects have the freedom to dream about and design skyscrapers,” the Times has dared to boldly go where few editorial writers have gone before.

They have taken the one-dimensional arguments proposed by so many of the lemmings in the property rights movement (seen so often at Washington County Quorum Court meetings) and turned them on their head.


From the insistence that the parking lot on the site of the old Mountain Inn site is “temporary,” to the the (on the surface) blind acceptance of the claims of the “developers” that they still intend to build the mythical Renaissance Towers.

In between, though, we get conformation about the nasty great hole in the ground, and the exposed backs of buildings.

Then we veer into the area of “free parking,” which the Times seems to sneer at - though hasn’t the Times itself written about parking issue downtown? And the whole subject of parking meters around the heart of Fayetteville has been a hotly contested issue, and today the satirist at the Times seems to throw support wholeheartedly behind it.

The best part is probably where they write about where the public (through the city) agreed to rip down a Fayetteville landmark Which many still feel could have been rebuilt) if the “developers” would build a “ . . . gorgeous structure that would pump all sorts of new revenues into the city’s downtown for years to come.”

They acknowledge that the “gorgeous structure” has yet to arrive, and address the malcontents who would wish to see some free parking spaces in the [proposed “temporary” parking lot.

Hogwash, the Times cries!

Cuz, like, you, it belongs to the developers, and like, dude, maybe we’re we’re just a nation of whiners - (not really said, but implied, perhaps?

But the line about “ . . . architects have the freedom to dream about and design skyscrapers” is my favorite.

Holy Fountainhead, Batman!

Somewhere in Hell, Ayn Rand is smiling.

Is that old British satire magazine Punch still publishing? Because whoever wrote this piece has a bright future, once they leave the newspaper game.


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