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Bring on the poets! Forget the party hacks!



Watching a cable "news" the other night, a deadly serious anchor asked a representative from the McCain/Palin campaign," Is Sarah Palin ready to lead?"

I sighed at the ten thousandth affirmation from the campaign that she was, indeed, ready to lead our nation should we be under assault from Russians, Islamic terrorism, Polar Bears and Martians. Then again, this guy was from the McCain/Palin campaign - he said what he was supposed to say.

But hey,  folks from the Obama campaign say pretty much the same thing (except for the Polar Bears) - Obama is ready to lead.

And, of course, the other guys ain't. To echo a certain charismatic candidate - enough!

I'm tired of hearing the same cookie-cutter responses from the same group of people. Let's hear from people not connected with the campaigns. Let's hear from writers, and activists and religious leaders.

Let's hear from some  poets, for crying out loud.

No more party hacks! Let's hear from people who are giving their own opinions, rather than from the folks who sign their paychecks.


Quote of the Day

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. - William Longwood, "Voices from the Earth"


Crisis on Infinite Earths

As the back of the book says, "Worlds lived. Worlds died. And the DC Universe was never the same." Ah, yes, after decades of offering multiple universes, and parallel Earths, in 1985 DC comics decided on a grand experiment to tie hundreds of loose ends together, and streamline their mythos once and for all.

The result was Marv Wolfman's "Crisis on Infinite Earths," collected in a 364 page collection. And along with the worlds that die, so do some treasured friends from the DC universe. Way too much fun not to read, especially for those of us who love alternative earth stories.


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