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Jones TV to lose primary source of programming?


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With the news that Annenberg Channel programming will end their satellite feed on September 30, where will that leave Jones TV? Even assuming they can still show some of the taped programs - until their expiration dates - what will they do then?

Thank God they have all those episodes of Andy Griffith and Bonanza stockpiled . . .

To learn more about the Annenberg satellite feed situation:

This was almost as good as the book . . .

Every few weeks I go through my books, and donate some to local libraries. At random, I picked up my old and  tattered copy of “Let Us Now Praise Famous men,” the book by James Agee and Walker Evans, about the life of tenant farmers in the Deep South. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, inside is the inscription:

To Karin, the friend of whom I will speak about to my children . . .

There is something almost magical about that inscription. It makes me imagine a friendship that that was deep and strong. At the very least, it puts most of the things I have inscribed in books to shame . . .


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