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KFSM - Who needs news when you’ve got spaghetti?



A wonder ful day for KFSM (Channel 5) yesterday, since they could devote most of their “newscast” tp the Tontitown Grape Festival. Cynical folk - and people who actually turn on the program to watch the news, and not watch the anchors gushing over pasta - were treated to most of the program being given over to a commercial endorsement of the Grape Festival.

Did they paid for this? Because they certainly worked hard enough at it.

Between the Grape Festival, national news coverage (another excuse to be lazy) and Garrett Lewis whining because someone had given him a pink drink, there was something for the whole family.

To add insult to injury, the last piece in the show was an item from Utah - Utah!

But they still had time to do the weather three times.

Can’t bear to watch KFSM today. No doubt one of the anchors will chortle, “Bring back some spaghetti for us!”

And maybe some actual news, for you’re at it?


The Further Adventures of Kabin Thomas

Former UA music professor Kabin Thomas has a new quest. This is is from his website:

Kabin left the University of Arkansas in the Spring of 2006 and although he greatly misses sharing the joys of Classical Music with his 900 students a semester, he now wants to share the joys of Classical Music with 9 MILLION students in the same amount of time!

However, he needs your help...

Kabin's dream of going on the road, teaching students at school assemblies, giving free lessons, performing at churches, in malls and even on corners will take an enormous financial effort.

T read more:


Kabin is a fascinating guy, and I have no doubt that he’ll be able to reach at least some students, at least, with this ambitious project. If you want to watch the interview I did with Kabin, it will run on C.A.T. one more time this week - Saturday (6pm).

If anyone wants a copy of the print interview I did with him a couple of years ago, just email me, and I’ll pass it along.


The Commercial Olympics

I really sort of miss that official Olympics candy . . .

You ever notice how the commercialism of ther Olympics is sort of glossed over these days? The truth is, the athletes are almost an afterthought. Even if half of them didn’t show up, lots of money would still change hands.

The Commercial Games: How Commercialism Is Overrunning the Olympics
by Robert Weissman

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have been referred to as the ““People’’s Games,”” the ““High Tech Games”” and the ““Green Games,”” but they could be more aptly described as the Commercial Games.

Commercialism is overrunning the Olympics. It is undermining the professed ideals of the Olympic Games, and subverting the Olympics’’ veneration of sport with omnipresent commercial messaging and branding.

The Olympics have auctioned off virtually every aspect of the Games to the highest bidder. In addition to multimillion-dollar sponsorship deals between the International Olympic Committee and international companies, smaller firms are paying for designations from ““official home and industrial flooring supplier”” to the ““frozen dumplings exclusive supplier”” of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

To read more:


Quote of the Day

We get so much in the habit of wearing a disguise before others that we eventually appear disguised before ourselves. - Jim Bishop



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