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Stop the Presses! Bobby New doesn't surprise anybody!



“This superintendent has listened to the dialogue of the community.” Bobby New, quoted in NWA Times, May 24, 2008.

Well, there is a difference between listening and actually paying attention, isn’t there?

At the upcoming Fayetteville School Board meeting, Brother New will recommend that the they  sell Fayetteville High School to the University (we must have more land!) of Arkansas.

Stop the presses!

Oh, wait a minute.

Was there ever a day when New  didn't think the UA should be able to buy the existing school site?

This is my favorite paragraph from the article:

New suggested that members of the public could e-mail board members and administrators with their feedback. New said he hopes public input at the meeting on the topic will focus on new ideas not heard before.

The advantage of having the public just send in emails to board members and administrators is that - to take a cynical view here - they so often end up in the electronic version of the old “circular file.

Bobby New is very well aware that this may be the last opportunity for the community to make impassioned, well-reasoned pleas to the school board. These arguments will be made before television cameras and the media.

Honestly, so what if Bobby New doesn’t want to hear the same arguments expressed again?

It’s not like he really paid attention to them the first time he heard them.


On the Air - Domestic Partnerships

This coming week we’ll be replaying a show I did with Michael Walsh, who spearheaded the campaign in Eureka Springs to have domestic partnerships recognized by the city. In the wake of what has happened in California, it seemed an appropriate show to run this week.

Show times:

Monday - 7pm
Tuesday - noon
Saturday - 6pm

As always, C.A.T. cam be found on Channel 18 of the Cox channel line-up on Fayetteville.

Those interested in the topic can contact C.A.T. at 479-444-3433, for a copy of the show.


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