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FGC roundtable abruptly killed by City Hall



With the word from City Hall that a planned roundtable discussion on Fayetteville’s Government Channel on the future of Fayetteville High School - scheduled for later in May - has been abruptly canceled by City Hall, many are now wondering if this is just the sound of the expected other shoe dropping, especially since former Cable Administrator Hilton was a firm proponent of such citizen-initiated roundtables and public forums - much to the displeasure of some above him in City Hall.

It now appears that all such forums and roundtables may be headed for the chopping block.

Will candidate forums be next to go?

It’s not unexpected, but just 72 hours after Hilton’s firing? Nothing subtle about this, is there? Don’t they realize that it just gives conspiracy theorists grist for their mills - or do they even care?

Thursday night’s Telecomm Board meeting should be interesting, at any rate.



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